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Graphics intensive, you have been warned, Mr. Dial-up User. - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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Graphics intensive, you have been warned, Mr. Dial-up User. [Jun. 7th, 2004|04:09 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
[how ya feelin'? |nostalgicnostalgic]

Some Pennsic links and shots for the girl who said "Keep talking to me about Pennsic."

East Kingdom Royal Encampment's gates They're all done in pink foam insulation.. except for the "drawbridge chains" which are carved wood and supporting the wall.

A nice road shot.. I know this seems a silly thing to add, but there's just something about walking down these roads and seeing the sheet wall and the gates and the groups of people around their fires.

ok.. an explanation is needed on this one.. It's a loom, right? And you're like "Nice Melly, a loom?" and I'm like.. see that piece of paper at the top where most of the writing is obscured but the last bit of it looks like it says "-dent".. what it really says is "Pennsic Independent" and it's the daily newspaper printed on site. It's got a weather report, the latest battle news, big official events going on, class cancellations.. and the call of little kids crying "Pennsic Independent... seventy-five cents!" is often the thing that wakes me in the morning.

Shadowclans cathedral across the street. These days it has stained glass windows .. even in the big rose window on top. And a spotlight that shines through it at night.

Like this. Best part about it? It comes out of

this box.

Umm... Yum. Remember what I said about the black leather armor and the smell of testosterone coming at you in waves? Yeah.

I went to Hell, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. This is a fine shot from the Hell party.. there's the Dark Lord himself off to the right and I think they've just tossed unbaptized babies into the fire. Actually, they were cabbage patch kids stuffed with manganese so they burned bright green. It was pretty badass. This party usually gets a line around it waiting to get in and for $1 you can poke the Freak in a Cage. Do I *look* like I'm making this up?


these two

seperate shots, one is of the party and the other is of the line to get in to the party over at Timberwolfe's Mardi Gras. I leave it to you to decide which is which. Me? I'm at the fire dancing in a leather skirt. You can't see me. That's probably for the best.

The view from behind the bar at my Pub. And I have this incredible urge to yell "STINKY!!" (that being the name of the gentleman on the left).

Umm.. wow.. there appears to be some beer involved. What we were actually doing was telling stories, singing theme songs to '80's tv shows, and harrassing anyone trying to use the port-a-john across the street. Every time someone would go to get in we'd scream "HELLOOOOOO! HELLOOOO!" as loud as we could. Good holy God we're obnoxious. That's me on the right in the blue t-shirt and plaid pants with my back turned. That guy next to me in the black and purple, he's a jerk. Just in case you were wondering.

This one's just for Cait.. Caitlin my dear, you'll recognize the Great Drunken Petanque Game of Pennsic XXXI... did you notice Joe both tossing his shot and flipping off the camera? Our friends are multi-talented.

My pub before it's full of people .. of an evening. Although the astute will note that I'm already there. That's me, the blurry one in the middle. I know because I'm wearing my best Poofy Pirate shirt, striped pajama pants, and Birkenstocks. Clearly I am the medieval ideal. Shut up.

Fighting! Matt's brother is in the middle of that.. I love that a stupid knowledge of my friends heraldry lets me know that.

The house band at the pub.. Revelwood.. they do a serious set of fine music. I adore them. Until M and Q start telling me about how the color clothes we put kids in warps their sense of gender identity.. but that's a rare conversation happening only after a heroic amount of vodka.. so we don't hold it against them.

An overhead shot of the War. Although it doesn't include about half of it and you can't see the camps tucked in to the trees all around. It's 11,000 people, trust me, they're all in there. We camp where it says "Badger Camp." This is an old shot since they've moved the parking lot back and there's camping where the trailers are. Also, our name is no longer "Badgers" but.. you get the idea.

Another one here. You can see the bathhouse (little wooden building) smack in the middle and the barn (the long grey thing to the left of the bathhouse)

My God.. the shopping..

I'm not sure why we bother taking pictures of the field battle. As if somehow we could capture the sound of 4,000 fighters beating their shields and getting ready to smack the bejeebus out of each other.

I tried to find a link about the classes but they've taken down last year's schedule. On average for the last few years they've taught between 850 and 950 classes.. a full raft of Red Cross first aid and CPR training.. classes on brewing, blacksmithing, blackwork embroidery, bookbinding, beadmaking, bee-keeping, bellydancing, bardic traditions from the Turks to the Celts, can you imagine if I got out of the B's?

My day at Pennsic goes like this: About 10:30 I roll over and contemplate getting up to pee. I lay in bed and read my book or watch the leaves on the roof of my tent until around 11 and then I really have to pee too bad to stay in there so I throw a chemise on and my sandals and flop down to the port-a-john.. I try to avoid the Quebecois (see picture above of us harrassing folks at that same privy) but am unsuccessful. I go in and accept a cider from Megan who insists on giving me one for the road. I figure the sun's over the yardarm somewhere so I accept.

I meander up the hill to the pub and see if Jeff can be convinced to make me tea or if John can be convinced to make me butterscotch pancakes. Occasionally someone will come in on their way to a class and I will be conned into joining them. If not, I go back to camp and loll on Cait's bed until I convince her that she wants to put down her book, pee, and come shopping with me. We dress for daytime and around 12:30 we meander up the road for some shopping, stopping to say hi at a couple of places along the way.. there are some purchases made.. we have cobbler with ice cream at the food court and we call it "lunch".. we swing by the battlefield to see how our boys are doing and sit in the shade. We do not move fast.

Usually Cait's got some shift to do or class to teach so I leave her up there and take the long road back that leads me past more shopping or the road down Runestone Hill or Matt's encampment. Then I stop at the pub. The road home ALWAYS goes by the pub. Most days there is cardplaying.. frequently there is heckling of our friends. I'll slump down over in Golden Rose and play with Heather and her boys for a while. Maybe I go see the Quebecois again.. maybe I just go take a nap. Maybe I'm even in a class.

Dinner is around 6:30 or 7 and we linger over it.. telling stories of the day and watching people light their candles or torches across the hill. Usually there's a round of showers before sunset.. hot showers from the bags that have been sitting in the sun all day. If it's Monday, Wednesday, or Friday we change and hit the pub. If not, well there are parties.. and drum circles.. and the Black Rose bar .. maybe there is wandering around the lake and maybe there's an evening in at camp getting silly around the fire. Maybe this year I'll actually get down to watch the memorial ship burning on the lake.

There is laughing and smiling and the sounds of drums and music and sometimes I don't go back to bed until the sky grows light and people begin to poke each other and say things like "dawn." And I lay in my tent and listen to the drums and the quiet hiss of the highway and I know that when I wake up the next morning I'll see my turtle door chimes hanging against my door and maybe Matt will want me to help him get ready for a battle and I'll get to walk down the street with my full skirts swishing behind me and I'll wonder what other people do with their vacations and if they could possibly be having as good a time as I am. Probably not.

Best quote ever about Pennsic came from an Entertainment Tonight reporter when they ran a special on it: "There comes a time, as the sun is starting to set, and the campfires are being lit, when you hear the sounds of people walking to dinner and musicians playing and the sounds of food being cooked over campfires and stoves, and even a modern tent becomes just another tent in the dusk. And then, you might not be in the middle ages, but you're no longer in the twentieth century either."

Umm.. and this got really long. My bad. I'll keep talking about it. Believe me, with less than two months to go you won't be able to shut me up. Questions?

[User Picture]From: ravenscathedral
2004-06-07 01:17 pm (UTC)
Mel, I see no photos or links.. maybe it's just my wonky computer...
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: mellyflori
2004-06-07 01:20 pm (UTC)
Nah, I've got the "link" color too close to the text color so you can't see the links.. Gimme one sec.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: mellyflori
2004-06-07 01:39 pm (UTC)
Now try...
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(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: mellyflori
2004-06-07 01:54 pm (UTC)
It's less like faire than it seems on the surface.. and yet moreso.. that sounds stupid. There are things to do besides go to shows and shop.. there are neighborhoods and households and the fighting is real (and dangerous.. I've bandaged broken arms and we've had Med-Evac transports).. but it goes on for two full weeks.. and I smile nearly the whole time. I can't wait for you to gt to go. :)
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: lalartu
2004-06-07 04:26 pm (UTC)
You tell the best stories

As if I wasn't already looking forward to it
(Reply) (Thread)
From: starfishchick
2004-06-10 08:25 am (UTC)
This looks so fun! Have a great time, precious!
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