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"Yes" by Catherine Doty It's about the blood banging in the body,… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Nov. 30th, 2004|10:55 am]
Whole lotta labia.
[how ya feelin'? |crankycranky]

"Yes" by Catherine Doty

It's about the blood
banging in the body,
and the brain
lolling in its bed
like a happy baby.
At your touch, the nerve,
that volatile spook tree,
vibrates. The lungs
take up their work
with a giddy vigor.
Tremors in the joints
and tympani,
dust storms
in the canister of sugar.
The coil of ribs
heats up, begins
to glow. Come

Dood. Hearing that first thing was worth getting up at 6am.

And of course the reason I was up at 6.. the gym. I did 42min of mixed cardio.. 25 on the elliptical and 17 on the treadmill. I was going along fine until I accidentally yanked the emergency stop cord and there's just no recovery from that. Bastiches.

I did a round of lower body weights and I think I've figured out why I've been avoiding the hack squat machine lately. I think I've got too much weight on there. When I do the slide I put 90lbs on and that's plenty of weight for me.. the starting resistance on that is 115lbs.. that makes the total 205. When I do the hack squat the starting resistance is 60lbs, I add the 90 for a total of 150 and then I add me. That's .. that's too much weight. And it's fucking up my form. So starting on Thursday I'm either going to drop the weight on the hack squat or do the reclining press or seated press. I like the quad exercise, I hate feeling like I'm two seconds from falling down.

If I were really focusing I'd get a trainer and talk about other stuff I can do for both my legs and my lower back. Because I feel like I'm neglecting my butt. Which sounds stupid. I have a flat butt. It's fleshy, but mostly flat. And I'd like to get some shape to it that isn't accounted for by my saddlebags. Anyway. Maybe after the layoff if I have a free day I'll get a mid-afternoon appointment (I get two free with my membership) and have one of the muscleheads talk about weights with me.

The best part of the gym was getting into a conversation with the incredibly cute little gym bunnie (whose name is Cara, apparently) .. the one with the incredible quads and precious little butt. I got out of the shower and once I had on enough clothes to make conversation acceptable she said "I wish I could have hair that long.. mine just won't grow." And we ended up talking about how it's a pain in my ass but it's helpful for my hobbies. She asked what my hobbies were and I said "I bellydance" as if I actually did bellydance instead of having some kind of flailing fit whenever I try to do more than one thing at a time.. (which isn't to say that I'm not making progress). She got all tickled and wanted to talk about my classes. I think I might like her.

OH! And also? I think I'm getting abs. I've still got a layer of belly fat so you can't see the muscles themselves but what I notice is that I've got new dents in my layer of belly fat and when I flex my abs the dents get deeper. Cool!

Food last night was good until I got home.. after which I ate everything that would stand still long enough. The nice thing is that I ate so fast that I was full relatively quickly. I need to control that better. But at least I'm down to doing it one meal a day.

Tonight is my Tuesday class. I like it a lot, it helps me put moves together and work on combinations of movements and how they'll look. That's where I need to focus right now.

I'm having to be productive today. I hate that. On the other hand, dealing with the stuff I have hanging over my head will help me sleep better at night.

Think happy thoughts for Matt, he's at work today despite a pulled muscle in his back. He's going to be a hurting puppy tonight and his muscle relaxant is going to be his best friend, I'm sure.

Oh, and Dear Ebay Seller,

First of all, I didn't order a tie, so don't tell me that you shipped the tie on Wednesday. I bought a sewing machine.. over a week ago.. and only one of those days was a postal holiday. So even if you did send it FedEx it should be in my hot little hands tonight. If it's not, I'm going to raise some serious hell. Do not come betwixt me and my new Babylock.

*fist of adonis*

No love,

[User Picture]From: yellow_oranges
2004-11-30 08:41 am (UTC)
wow. poem.
um....yes please.

Any day you get up at 6 and go to the gym, you may do what or whom you please the rest of the day, in my book. Locker room conversations kind of a delicate thing. I don't understand envy some people's nonchalance in the locker room. There is a v. v. large lady that has a locker just down from mine and she strolls out of the shower starkers, just holding her towel down by her side. Then she proceeds to dry off, bending over to get her nether regions with her ass out to the world. I should say all that in past tense because I won't be in there any more and primo locker #125 (top right, on the end) will go to someone more deserving else.

I sympathize with your eBay dilemma. The one time I got RIPPED OFF and tried to stand up for myself, the seller gave me negative feedback, calling me "aggressive." He kept my money though. Bastard.

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