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Abject humping and a small sociological study. - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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Abject humping and a small sociological study. [Nov. 15th, 2003|06:05 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
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As I sit typing this Howard is sitting next to me making little whimpering yummy noises. And the reason for the yummy noises is that I've let him sample one of everything that was in the box I got from baisleac this afternoon.

Oh.. woman.. you are a godsend. First, everything you made is heavenly.. seriously.. I'm a toffee expert and I'll tell you that I haven't had any this good since my grandmother stopped making it.. and hers is the only one that surpasses yours. :) Plus, the buckeyes are one of my favorite treats ever.. seriously.. my mother and I used to make them every year for Christmas boxes .. we put Rice Krispies in them for a little bit of crunch.. and when I bit into yours it almost made me cry thinking about long afternoons with my mother helping me stir and my little brother and I rolling them between our small and sticky hands. I'm saving the fudge for after dinner.. I'm a masochist like that.

And speaking of my mother. When I visited the Loch Ness visitor's center I bought her this little stuffed Nessie.. I fell in love with it though and it took me a year to give it to her (whups). Ever since I've missed it's little grinning face on my monitor. But... see.... *bounce bounce bounce*

NOW I HAVE ONE OF MY OWN!!! Squeee! Oh he's so perfect.. really.. and just as you suggested I'm going to curl up with it and my toffee (cuz that's all anyone else is getting of it.. it's mine! Backoff, bud!) and watch some hobbits and enjoy a quiet, perfect evening before things get nuts again.

Thank you so much.. you absolutely made my month. You're a generous, kind, thoughtful soul and you brighten every day. :)

The box was actually waiting for me when I got back from the mall. I had to go to pick up thank you gifts for the Consulate members that are going to try and help me through customs tomorrow. Here's what I learned at Arundel Mills Mall today.

1) Man. Americans really don't give a shit about soccer, do they? Try getting soccer related presents in any American mall and you're up a serious creek. Not only that but they give you weird looks.

2) The people I pity most in this world: The greeters and ushers at Medieval Times. Y'all should get paid more.

3) In no way does a black and silver sweater resemble chain mail. Especially if you keep the cuffs showing. Don't make me beat you.

4) The "Mills Effect" they speak of? Yeah, it's when you walk through the door and your brain turns off. Not only that but your motor skills become seriously impaired and it results in a complete inability to maintain a constant speed. Walk fast... walk fast.. walk fast.. stop dead. GRRRR! Also, it means your head only turns one way now so you can't .. say.. look around you! *sigh*

I ended up getting one of them a big glossy picture book about soccer.. and the other is getting a calendar of the US Men's team.. I'm wrapping them both in local newspaper since I think that might be interesting. I swear, usually I'm better with gifts.

Tried to see Love, Actually and it was sold out. Tried to see M&C and it was really sold out. I'm just going to go see them both next week. Maybe take my comp time day and spend it in a theater. Mmm.. sounds loverly.

For now though, chocolate, Hobbits, and the last of the leftover curry. *hugs and snogs and massive loves to baisleac*