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In conjunction with my Pennsic packing I went to put my best dancing cologne (that is, the stuff I wear that makes me feel the most sultry) in the box yesterday only to find that it's gone rather .. off. That, combined with maitheas's rather generous imp proffering this morning makes me think it might be time for my first BPAL order. I know that rather a lot of you have been placing rather a lot of orders over the last year or so. Would you all be lovely enough to drop me either suggestions, experiences, or links to old entries (linaerys I'm all up in your memories where you've got some stuff listed out but you're the BPAL queen on my flist so if you've got other entries somewhere I'd love to see them Nevermind, how clever of you to have put up a link right there on the main page. You? Rock.)?


The rest of my day? Ok. I'm off to Baltimore for sushi with a friend in her charmingly eclectic neighborhood. Then tonight it's more sewing and cutting out and all that good stuff. I'm feeling bloated and gross but that's to be expected this week and I'd rather now then in a week and a half at war.


A week and a half.


OH! And as an indicator of my general dorkdom? The thing that made me happiest today was finding my packing list from last year. Hi. Dork.
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