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Happiness is: Being able to picture minervacat's face smiling… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Dec. 16th, 2005|10:35 am]
Whole lotta labia.
Happiness is: Being able to picture minervacat's face smiling as I listen to her talk. She's south of Richmond and in fine spirits, if a little bored.

How are you guys?

[User Picture]From: mcee
2005-12-16 03:47 pm (UTC)
i seriously could use snowshoes today.
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[User Picture]From: mellyflori
2005-12-16 04:10 pm (UTC)
Did you guys just get dumped on?
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[User Picture]From: mcee
2005-12-16 04:40 pm (UTC)
nearly two feet by now since late last night. and still falling.


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[User Picture]From: wizardglick
2005-12-16 04:37 pm (UTC)

I was just thinking about buying a pair yesterday. Not that we get this snowy a winter more than every 10 years, but it's an excuse to have them, for the few times that you might need em.
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[User Picture]From: mcee
2005-12-16 04:41 pm (UTC)
i would get a lot of mileage out of 'em every year. oof.
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[User Picture]From: protoainsley
2005-12-16 04:36 pm (UTC)
It's SUNNY! And not cold!

The weather's good, too.

How are you?
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[User Picture]From: ipso__facto
2005-12-16 04:47 pm (UTC)
Mellies. My belly hurts and I've gained weight again. I really think after new years that it is going to be time to start going to WW again. Especially b/c I have a whole month off from classes and then classes are Tues/Wed nights so I will be able to go on Thursdays again. Are you interested?

Also, why I am telling you this here instead of in an email or in person is beyond me, but I already typed it, so. *clings to Friday*
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From: starfishchick
2005-12-16 07:53 pm (UTC)
I am OK. The school I want to go to in the spring will not tell me when May acceptance letters go out, but will tell me that tuition is due at the beginning of March. Sigh.

I am posting fic on Monday, when I get it back from beta Jaci. (It is only a year late for the birthday person.)

I am missing listersgirl and all the other British Columbia peeps who are going home for Christmas.

How are YOU?

P.S. I am also too stupid to use HTML.
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