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I just talked to the happiest Ronnie and the most sleep-deprived… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Jan. 27th, 2006|10:15 am]
Whole lotta labia.
[how ya feelin'? |okayokay]

I just talked to the happiest Ronnie and the most sleep-deprived Tricky in the whole wide world. My heart got all clenchy because I miss them both so much. I know you're all going to have the most wonderful time down there, do post pictures and stories and feel free to drunk dial.

In the mean time,

Four days out of five this week at the gym. Missed Wednesday because.. well.. I was in a lot of pain and I pussed out. Unfortunately I've been eating too much again and so I've put on weight since last week. I'm trying to keep my head down and just get through the day. There are bigger issues. And worse. But they're not for you, they're for me. I'm going to have breakfast in a minute and I'm going to consider this a new week even though I didn't weigh-in yesterday (I just couldn't take it. I just couldn't. And then my boss scheduled a 12:30 meeting so I was saved.) and keep going. The weekend will be tough but doable. And next week holds no real surprises.

I'm tired. My house is a mess. But I have a dance workshop this weeked that'll be delightful and some lovely things coming up to look forward to. And I have you guys. Which makes me rich. Tired, still. But rich.

From: starfishchick
2006-01-27 03:50 pm (UTC)
Still no mail from me? Bugger alle that for a lark.
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[User Picture]From: yellow_oranges
2006-01-27 04:08 pm (UTC)
Ah melly. Hang in there. I'm on Day 18 of Nutrisystem and while it's going well food-plan wise, I'm getting so bored. *sigh* But I'm determined to make it through. Then I thought I'd take up with WW again. I was on it wow, almost 20 years ago. I still have all my materials. Wonder if I could cobble together a plan from the remnants.

In all, I'm right there with you girlfriend. You'll get through this. Have a good weekend!!
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[User Picture]From: ebullientjenn
2006-01-27 05:39 pm (UTC)
Pick a small house task and do it tonight before you go to bed. I love this. It makes me have a sense of control in chaos.

Or, there's always Renee Fleming at obscene volumes. Perhaps I'll call you and put you on speaker phone tomorrow morning for the shower concert :)
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