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Lunch with Lala?  Done and done. People we talked about? … - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Jun. 9th, 2006|01:43 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
Lunch with Lala?  Done and done.
People we talked about?  All of you omg!
Number of random chickens seen on the drive back to the office?  1.  Between the hospital and the retirement home.  I'm like "wtf, is that a chicken?"


[User Picture]From: slightlytricky
2006-06-09 05:49 pm (UTC)
"Did you see the size of that Chicken??!!??"

/random Young Gun's quote
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[User Picture]From: kiltsandlollies
2006-06-09 05:53 pm (UTC)

random chickens: opening for great big sea next year sometime, you know it.
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[User Picture]From: wilfulcait
2006-06-09 06:21 pm (UTC)
Did you tell Lala that she's running K's camp at Pennsic this year?

Also.... wha' time you heading out?

I assume your boy has good sense and if the rain begins to rain, will throw something waterproof over my fly-less tent?

I had a burrito the size of my HEAD for lunch.

Uh... hi.
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