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Jaci, the answer to your question #1? Oh dear sweet lord so much… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[May. 28th, 2007|02:29 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
[how ya feelin'? |blankblank]

Jaci, the answer to your question #1? Oh dear sweet lord so much more. So SO much more than the 2nd one.

We got out of there and I spent a few minutes thinking about ways I could have better spent those 168 minutes. I made a list:

  • Elective dental surgery.

  • Beating myself in the face.

  • Getting my hoo-hoo bit.. again.

  • Rereading the poetry I wrote in 7th grade.

  • Receiving a pap smear at a teaching hospital.

For those who say "But Melly, surely it was so bad it was good." No. At 130 minutes it was still kinda enjoyable for the badness. 38 minutes later I was contemplating the potential for slitting my own throat with my straw.

And here's the bad part, right? The acting was pretty not-bad. The sets and scenery were good. Even the effects were nifty. And, as always, Bill Nighy is a genius. But the script was so anus-contractingly bad it buried everything else. WHO THE FUCK APPROVED THAT?! Who looked at that script and said "Oh yeah, this is fantastic!" And can I sue them to get my 168 minutes back?

Steve was speaking to an EMT we know and described it this way: "Remember that guy whose intestines had descended? It was like that." His other choice descriptive term is to just say "Highlander 2."

Only good points:
Aforementioned Nighy.
Most of the trailers.
Jack Davenport.

And that? Is it. I want my morning back.

[User Picture]From: marginalia
2007-05-28 06:47 pm (UTC)
thank you. i suspect that this is pretty much exactly the entry i'd have written. if i'd seen it. which, especially since i went ahead and spoiled myself this morning, is looking less likely all the time.

i'm just like. i -get- that it's based on a ride, i really do. and i enjoy the bad movies and the explosions and the pretty people and of course boats. but it is just so depressing to me that so much time and money and talent was wasted on those two scripts. because i really don't think anyone looked and said "that's fantastic!" i think they looked and said "fuck rewrites. people will see them regardless."

i wish i could give you your morning back!
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[User Picture]From: mcee
2007-05-28 10:32 pm (UTC)
word. jesus christ.
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[User Picture]From: ebullientjenn
2007-05-29 12:29 am (UTC)
slam When slam is this slam movie slam going to slam end? slam

That bad huh? Thanks for the warning. Also, I set my sewing machine up FINALLY! I have a corner in the basement. I'm thrilled. Also if you got my voice mail, I'm currently wearing one of the sundresses I "made".
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[User Picture]From: mamatata
2007-05-29 12:11 pm (UTC)
Waaaaah! I was so looking forward to going to see this movie. But, if you would rather have your hoo-hoo bit AGAIN, I think I'll take your word for it. Though, with that thought in my head for 168 minutes, it could make it bearable.
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