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Saturday Steve woke at some ungodly hour and decided to roll over… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[May. 29th, 2007|12:24 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
[how ya feelin'? |busybusy]

Saturday Steve woke at some ungodly hour and decided to roll over and go back to sleep for an hour. We got up, played on the interwebs, had breakfast, had the kind of nookie you can only get on the weekends, and finally at 7:30 I said "Are you actually going to this event?" and he allowed as how yes, he would like to hit some people in the head. So he bundled himself off and I had some tea and got busy with my day. Accomplished:

  • Scrubbed kitchen floor

  • Scrubbed dining room floor (both needed some attention from a scrub brush, not just a swiffer)

  • Cleaned kitchen

  • Cleaned bathroom

  • Washed all rugs

  • Two loads of laundry washed and dried in the sun

  • Closet hardware stained

  • Waded through incoming mail box and sorted bills

  • Cleaned out pantry and under sink

  • Cleaned off dining room table (major feat)

  • Cleaned front half of living room

  • Insert closet hardware, cut down closet pole.

  • Realize closet pole is 1/2" too short.

  • Develop new and fascinating ways to use the word "shit"

I took lots of breaks and drank lots of water. It was less than I'd normally have gotten done in a blitz cleaning day, but at the end of it my feet still worked and my hand had only swollen a little bit. Success! Steve called at noon to say that he was giving up on the event as he hadn't even gotten halfway down 95 yet. I said that sounded like a good plan and did some Your Own Personal OnStar guidance to get him back the right direction (i.e. not over the GW bridge) and while he was driving he suggested a movie. I said I'd look and see when it was showing. His top choice (Hot Fuzz) wasn't showing anywhere within 50 miles of the house. However, it *was* showing about two miles from where he was driving. So, more YOPOS and he got to see a movie he'd been looking forward to for months (as well as Blades of Glory, because he was really early). And I got another few hours to be the kind of productive you can only be if you're alone in the house. God bless him, he stopped for freezer pizza on the way home so no one even had to cook.

Sunday, once again, our body clocks had us up and out of bed by about 8:30 and ST had a hefty to-do list. I added the few things I wanted him to accomplish (movement of heavy furniture downstairs, cleaning up pile of papers, etc) and we each went our own way and then came back together for some of the team-effort tasks. Accomplished:

  • Scrubbed foyer and hall floor and baseboards

  • Organized hall closet

  • Cleaned back half of living room

  • Vacuumed (pause to insert trip to WalMart to replace vacuum belt)

  • More laundry

  • Errands: Home Depot (new closet pole), WalMart (new a/c unit), dry cleaners (for ST, not for me, y'all know how I feel about clothes that need to be drycleaned), farmer's market, bank, library

  • Stained and cut new closet pole

  • Rearranged nursery furniture (Five times. Furniture sliders were the best money I ever spent as the entire process took about 25 minutes all told and then maybe another 10 as I changed my mind, moved things, and asked for input. No swearing, no sweating, no bitter recrimination about how often I changed my mind.)

  • Removed old furniture from nursery

  • Tetris big basement to accomodate furniture and ease of file cabinet accessibility, I remain Tetris Master

  • Hung artwork in nursery (ST also hung new curtain rods, I ♥ him)

  • Organized Small Child's clothes in armoire

  • Touched up baseboards

  • Started sling

  • Swore a lot

  • Noticed that I had for some reason turned off the fan in the living room and that combined with the walking and the sewing had blown my right ankle up to something resembling a table leg.

  • Went to bed (a/c in bedroom happily chugging along)

Monday. Lolled about until the obscenely decadent hour of 8:30 (slept straight through! no peeing! is miracle!) and then got up and working again. The house was 95% clean so there wasn't a lot to do so I settled right down to craft stuff. Accomplished:

  • Redid my sling until 100% satisfied

  • Made ST's sling (even trimmed threads! is miracle!) (he is deeply pleased)

  • Spent what seemed like four years in theater

  • Realized that while it seemed like four years it was only 168 minutes

  • Realized I'd never get those 168 minutes back. Ever.

  • Wept

  • Errands: Return trip to Wal-Mart for picture frames, Grocery store

  • Cleaned bedroom

  • Got rid of trash from Saturday and Sunday cleaning

  • Finishing touches on nursery as it stands now

We did some last minute blitz tidying before our houseguests showed up and then I tucked away the sewing machine, snipped the threads off of the two slings, and got ready for some hang-out time. The guys made arrows while Amy (currently 29weeks 4 days, we're about a week apart) and I sat around with our feet up. I cut the fabric for the organizer box that'll go on top of the changing table, pinned it in place, and tucked that out of the way as well. Then we just chatted and I did the iron-on-transfer-pencil outlines for the banners that'll spell out the peanut's name over her crib.

I got to show off the nursery (I took pictures, I'll post them tomorrow) and got patted for being ahead of schedule and organized. Amy said "nesting" and I explained that I always spend this part of the year frantically cleaning in an effort to not have to do it again until after Pennsic, so it felt like I was just substituting peanut for Pennsic in my head. And I explained that I always load up spring and summer with projects. It's odd, but if I always feel a little bit behind, the time seems to go faster. Plus I explained that if we can just close up the nursery for the most part, we don't have to pay to air condition it. We are v. smart and fiscal. There was fantastic dinner cooked on the grill, fresh strawberries from the farmer's market, good conversation, lots of productivity, and someone who actually cares about phrases like "not to mention the farting is back."

They brought us a gift, a gorgeous dragon puppet and a thoroughly charming knight puppet too. As Mike said "I figured it wouldn't be complete with just the dragon. And now, you can have them go head to head... one of them isn't coming out of it." After they left last night ST and I had some battles between them, I filmed one to send to the gift givers just to amuse them.

After they left we watched some Heroes, I did a test-run of the iron-transfer (works like a charm but I'm giving everything a second coat anyway), then I set the superglue on one of the projects, weighted it down with my copy of "The Making of Master and Commander" and a 15lb dumbell and went to bed. We were out of commission by 11.

People, I needed that weekend so bad. I also got a lovely conversation with my brother and some phone-time with my mom. It was great. There are still things on my to-do list, but nothing that can't be done in the next 9 weeks, especially since ST's last day with kids is the 7th some of the projects just need time, not anyone specific to work on them. I'll have the banners ready to start painting on next weekend while we're at the event, which was what I really wanted. And as of Sunday night we can just close the door on the nursery and go back in for stuff that needs to be done later.

Yay! I feel fabulous. I think I've learned the speed at which I can move right now, when to take it easy, when to eat and drink, all that good stuff. I also feel like the house is in a good holding pattern. It'll need some constant upkeep pre-peanut but I shouldn't have to scrub the floor again anytime soon and things do not leap out at me from the pantry as they used to. All this is good, because tonight we start our class at the hospital. It is laughingly called Prepared Childbirth. As though one could be prepared for this. Expect details. Fer serious.

From: starfishchick
2007-05-29 05:33 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a lovely and very productive weekend.

(Also, furniture sliders FTW!)

And I got another few hours to be the kind of productive you can only be if you're alone in the house.

I had one of those last night; it lasted until it was time to put the folded clothes away, at which point I ... watched an episode of 'Shear Genius'.
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[User Picture]From: ainsley
2007-05-29 05:35 pm (UTC)
It is laughingly called Prepared Childbirth. As though one could be prepared for this. Expect details. Fer serious.

I shall look forward to that, as your take promises to be quite amusing.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: ebullientjenn
2007-05-29 05:51 pm (UTC)
Ok so we'll listen to the stories only if you introduce yourself as: "mommy to the precious wee little girly".

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