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We did one of those things where you get up at the ass-crack of… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Jun. 28th, 2007|05:13 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
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We did one of those things where you get up at the ass-crack of dawn and hit the road. A wise decision. We made it to Salem, WV in plenty of time to get checked in for AEthelmearc AEcademy. Overall the event went very smoothly. I didn't make it to my first class (more on that later) and ended up tagging along with ST for the day. I can't help it, he's kinda hot when he gets all teacher-y. His classes went really well, I think he's excited about teaching both again as soon as we get to another teaching event.

A few notes for those planning an event like this one in the future (with apologies to the event staff who I know were doing their best to have a kick-ass event as any of us who have ever autocratted would know): If you are planning an event which is broken up in to timed blocks please, please, PLEASE either have clocks that run on time or have someone with a bell/clapper/loud voice mention when it's time to move on. If you KNOW that all of your clocks are off (and by different amounts) please notify people and then notify them when it is time for a timed block to start. I was in the building at 9:46, I could easily have made a 10am class, but the fact that the only clock in the entire building that was right was the one glued on to the outside of the a/v closet and not any of the ones hanging prominently in rooms or hallways? Yeah, that fucked me up a bit. I don't wear a watch, a lot of us anachronists don't, even one guy standing in the hallway hollering "Ok, we're ready to start the 10am block!" would have been nice.

Also? This is only exacerbated by having classrooms in different buildings.

Anyway. Steve's classes were fantastic and I learned a lot even though I've taken both before and helped edit the handouts. We had plans for the afternoon classes but bailed on them in favor of checking into the hotel early. At which point we totally zonked out. I guess we needed a nap. We met up with in-law brother and sister as well as other friends for dinner at a local pub and had a really nice time. We stayed a little too late, but hey, you win some you lose some and who knows when we'll be able to make that choice again. We made plans for breakfast with the same crew and headed back to the hotel. I slept, but not particularly well, and we were both up long before we needed to leave. Breakfast was fantastic, I had a nice assortment of good stuff, ST had an omlette the size of a football. I think he was embarrassed even to see it land on the table.

All things considered, a lovely morning. We made it back to the hotel with plenty of time to pack up, and for me to finish primping a bit before the shower. ST's mom and Inlaw Sister were gracious enough to throw me a really nice party. There was a yellow ducky theme and there were duckies everywhere. I? *LOVE* little yellow duckies. So I was in heaven. Kendrah and Mika kept me company in the room for a while before I went down. It was very intimate, no more than 10 of us total, and the bulk of it was ST's family. They're a really nice group and were so generous and kind with their love and their time. The baby got some very cute gifts (tons of bibs knitted by ST's mom, a thoroughly precious rattle) and some very practical ones (bottles! diaper pail! whee!) and now I'm filling in the cracks.

The drive home was a bit rough but we weren't too late and I got most of the stuff put away by Sunday night, it was nice to have that project. There are still some big gaps in her wardrobe (apparently I thought that for a good 3 months of her first year she could get by with one sleeper and a pair of overalls. Huh.), but the list of "omg I need to have this in the house before she gets here!" is down to 5 or 6 things so we can tackle those ourselves.

Things are settling down a bit. My BP is still good, the swelling is just godawful but frankly it would have been there no matter what, hell it's 95 degrees at 80% humidity out there. And my car has no a/c. It's like driving in soup. We're still worried a bit about The Big Thing but should have a better idea of what's up by the middle of next week.

My last appointment (last night) the nice doctor man mentioned that things were looking good. I have a UTI (really quite common when things start sitting on your bladder and screwing up your regular pee habits) so now I'm on antibiotics. I didn't even realize the UTI was there (it came back in a urine test) but now I'm living in fear of the yeast infection I'm going to end up with. You ladies know what I'm talking about. Anyway.

He mentioned that he thinks she's moving down a bit, which I could have told him thanks to all the internal clues I'm getting. And then I got my first internal exam. Men, you all have no idea. It's seriously one of the most undignified things a person can go through. It is the suck. And my doctor's fingers are HUGE. So, after DIGGING FOR GOLD or whatever he was doing in there he announced that things are moving along, I'm effacing and have dilated just a touch. Which means? Dick all. Seriously. People go from 0 to 60 in hours, people walk around 80% effaced and 4cm dilated for weeks, it's on the baby's schedule at this point.

I have an ultrasound on Tuesday and I'm hoping she's holding up a sign that says "Ok, I'm ready now!" but really, what are the chances?

This weekend's plans involve hanging with friends and dragging Mz C- to the Carter's outlet for some shopping. I may go down and haunt the Babies R Us in Sterling just to finish filling in the Must Have blanks, but maybe not. I like having it up in the air a bit. Mostly? You guessed it, feet up, chillin' out.

[User Picture]From: kiltsandlollies
2007-06-29 02:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, honey, no AC? That is murder on those of us who aren't pregnant; you've gotta be hating it. *hydrates you* Your weekends are always so lovely and awesome. I love reading about them. And now it's already time for another!
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[User Picture]From: alex_wench
2007-06-29 07:28 pm (UTC)
glad you had a good time with the inlaws!

I went to see Marc and Melissa yesterday, that poor child got a call yesterday that they are going to induce labor on the 16th.. that is 3 more weeks.. the boys are already over 5lbs each, if the babies keep growing at the same rate she will have 2 8+ lb. babies in her.. that girl is all stomach right now - she said if she could walk for more than a few mins at a time she would run around the block just to get them out!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!
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