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Estimated time of drive down: 3hrs. Actual time: 4.5 hrs.… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Jul. 9th, 2007|11:38 am]
Whole lotta labia.
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Estimated time of drive down: 3hrs. Actual time: 4.5 hrs.
Estimated time of drive back: 5.5hrs. Actual time: 7.5hrs.
I just... I can't even.

I'm going to talk about the rest of yesterday another time. Maybe later today. Maybe not. It wasn't cathartic, that's not the right word, but it was deeply powerful and I'm glad I did it. I'm also glad I did the drive with ST, it made life much nicer. (BTW, our houseguests never materialized, they found lodging closer to their destination and I can't blame them for taking it instead. Which means that we got a nice slow puttering evening.)

I'd managed to invite myself to lalartu and cussata's uber-welcoming abode for the weekend. I showed up Friday night to find my husband already there and dinner plans in the works. I was later than I'd planned, but I find I'm quite selfish with my timing lately. I'm sorry about that. I know I've got precious few days left to be on my own schedule so I'm resisting attempts to get me on anyone else's. It's making Steve crazy because he'll call to make sure I'm safe and I'm like "Yeah, just fine, just not there yet." And then I refuse to commit to a time when I'm going to show up. My ticker says I've got 24 days left, give me a break, yeah?

Anyway, we got more food than we should, watched silly movies, hung out and talked, and enjoyed the evening. Saturday morning I went downstairs to find that our hosts had gone out to procure supplies for the bbq they were hosting that night and in the mean time the kitchen had been Ani'd. Dude. People. There was food freaking EVERYWHERE. Quiches, chickens, little pastries, dips, veggie platters, you name it. *happiness* Hosts returned bearing.. um.. food. Just... omg food. Ani returned bearing a nice man and pressies. alex_wench arrived bearing all of her tires in tact, a nice change from her previous trip.

And then I got the henna belly I'd been dreaming about since before I got pregnant. It was gorgeous and painstakingly drawn by the lovely Ani and I kept staring at it and loving it quietly. I'm ashamed to admit I walked around the house with my belly hanging out for an embarrassing amount of time. But I loved it so much. :) Eventually I put a wrap around it and put my shirt down and went on with the afternoon. It was a dream come true and I can't thank her enough for helping me with it.

My friends, my lovely lovely generous friends are so amazing to me and I don't deserve them. Thanks to Alex the baby will be well-cleaned and stocked up on attitude, thanks to Ani she will not be naked after three months. I am lucky lucky lucky. I got lots of hugs and Alex made me a cake with baby stuff on it and cupcakes too! Woot! I got to spend the day wandering from one room to another hugging on people I love, talking to people I don't get to see often enough, and munching on food so good it just made me happy happy happy. Plus? My daddy came! He wasn't doing much that afternoon so I dragged him by and he and Shawn were able to Apple-geek and camera-geek and talk about online organization. My dad's pictures of Greece are like postcards, I was in total awe. We capped off the evening with fireworks from the back yard and sparklers for the little kids and dirty jokes and stories. It was quite possibly the perfect day.

Sunday was a slightly quieter version. Lots of lolling about on each other and relishing the weather. Lots of hugging and stories and planning for Pennsic. make_your_move gave us an impromptu (and just unbelievably helpful) mini-childbirth class that included support positions, relaxation techniques, and lots of advice for ST. It was a nice counterpoint to our hospital class and we feel like both ends are covered and we can find our own ground where we're most comfortable. It was just what I wanted and she's a godsend. And then I dragged cussata to the Carter's outlet sale. I practiced restraint and filled in the blanks on my inventory. I congratulate myself on being off on sizing on only two garments. Courtney surprised me by going through and making her own purchases and sending me home with the cutest outfits. Ever. Including pink corduroy overalls that make me just go all wibbly. I've spent the last two months being showered with the generosity and love of others and ... ok and now I'm crying again. Thank you, all of you.

Monday was long and lazy and featured a long shopping trip all on my own to Babies R Us so I could get the Snugli for Greg and wander around the aisles marveling at the things people think they *NEED* (not that I'm much better). Tuesday ST and I drove back to Westminster for a bit to drop some stuff off at the house, pick up some other stuff, and have what will hopefully be our last ultrasound. It looks like The Big Thing is resolving itself, I've got a call in to double check since this isn't the nice place that gives me the details right away, it's the place that makes me wait. Grrrr.

Wednesday another long leisurely day, sewing, puttering, shopping, and a much-deserved afternoon nap. Thank you to S&C for keeping us in their home and their hearts. They made me the kindest offer imaginable and that was *after* a small truckload of adorable baby clothes and letting us run roughshod over their house for almost a week. Again, I say lucky lucky lucky. ST and I headed home that night and I did some laundry and sat and stared at the nursery. I'm easy.

The rest of the week was work work work and puttering around the house. Friday night was a marathon of Undeclared and the final iteration of the last banner in the banner project. Fucking finally. ST left early Saturday morning and I lolled about for about 10 more minutes before getting up myself. I finished laundry, tidied like a mad fool, CLEANED OUT MY CAR (and yes, that deserves all caps), installed the carseat base and the seat mirror, packed for the drive, cleaned the kitchen, and started making a list of things left to do just to keep myself busy. I left for the event site and arrived to find ST ready to start the last of his scenarios and a group of bloodthirsty fighters ready to make that dream come true. Goobers. They had a blast though. And we headed down to the lake to see Cait's folks as soon as we were sure everyone had their fill and was done for the day.

Like I said, I'm not really up to talking about the rest of it yet. I'll deal with Saturday night and Sunday later. I'll cover 3.13 of Dr. Who as well, but probably not in the same entry because.. well.. I just can't handle that much cognative dissonance. I've been having cramps and contractions of one kind or another for the past few days, but as everyone knows that doesn't mean squat. Nothing regular, of course. And I've blown my shot to have the 7/7/07 baby so the next milestone is Steve's preferred date of 7/18 (Hunter S. Thompson's birthday). I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow to see how things are progressing and review the radiology results from last week. Right now the focus is on finishing up the last craft project, freezing some more food, cleaning up the house, and sleeping whenever I can. I'm relishing my days while I have the opportunity. And I'm spending a lot of time dancing around with the little blue lion toy C- got for the baby. It looks like my icon and I'm kinda incapable of resisting that. Only in Kenya, eh?

Oh, and for those watching the banner project, the final count on iterations of the C? Six. Because I fucked up two more after I got home. *headdesk*

[User Picture]From: robins1stwife
2007-07-09 04:26 pm (UTC)
Sweet Bejebus...I don't do that much in a month...not that that would surprise anyone...I think the 18th sounds perfect...you should totally do it that day. :)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: alex_wench
2007-07-10 01:28 am (UTC)
you cleaned your car? wow. so proud!

i'm glad that you liked the stuff, I have to stop myself from buying you shit all the time :D

I had such a good time at S&C's too! I really needed that. I love you babe and misses you so much!

and a big YEAH! on getting the banners done
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[User Picture]From: yellow_oranges
2007-07-11 12:58 am (UTC)
Please tell me pix were took of the hennaed belly!
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