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Today is the birthday of two of the most fascinating people on my… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Oct. 15th, 2007|04:14 pm]
Whole lotta labia.
Today is the birthday of two of the most fascinating people on my flist. linaerys has a passion for good shoes, great cheese, and adventurous travel. lapsedagnostic has a passion for good sci-fi, a well executed joke, and thinks my stories are better than reality. I am beyond lucky to know you both. Happy birthday!

In other news:

I packed a gym bag today. I also forgot what the first day back can be like and I left the house almost a half hour late. That meant I was behind the curve all day. Given how little actual fucking off I did today I'm hard pressed to figure out where I'd have snuck in a workout so I'm not feeling too bad about it. The bag is packed for tomorrow, my schedule is a little bit easier, and every day is a fresh start. I wrote down everything I ate, got all my water, and when I get home I'll strap the wee one into the sling and walk down and get the mail and go up and down the porch steps a few times. It's not much, but it's moving. Maybe I'll leave her in the sling and do some dance drills. That's an idea.

Food is fine, a little heavy on the "what's nearby" quotient but that'll happen when you're rushed like I was this morning. All in all I have to say I've missed the structure in these days and I'm looking forward to my workout tomorrow. I'm planning on running that race with S, C, and M in November and while I'm not planning on blowing any land speed records it'll be nice to be moving again.

Miz Chloe is doing beautifully. I was a little neurotic and made a quick note to her sitter this morning just saying her basic hunger and sleep queues, things that will stop her fussing, her most recent schedule, that sort of thing. When I called to check in around noon she didn't say "Good lord woman, you're an obsessive ass," so I guess it went over well. I've pumped enough to keep up with what she ate today, here's hoping that I get maybe a little ore tomorrow when I can pump three times instead of two (I was a little busy). There's about 150oz in the basement so if my supply slips I've got a little time to get it bouncing back.

Things I forgot today:
Mini-cooler for milk on the way home
Water mug

She fussed a bit this morning and wasn't a big fan of trying to nurse at 8am. Then again, I woke her up so it's entirely possible she just wasn't all that hungry. Today's schedule was a little off since ST was going in late and dropping her off so we'll see how things settle out for the rest of the week.

I am, as I said last week, not worried about her. She's sweet and fun and she's having a good time with this nice grandmother of a lady who thinks she's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm even mostly ok. I'm just awfully, awfully sad. I enjoyed getting to eat with both hands, I enjoyed the pretty drive in today, and I'm going to love catching her up and snoodling her to bits when I get there in an hour.. but I missed her a lot today.

Oh, but I did do something remarkably cool, I made a new underdress/viking dress combo this weekend (my waist and hips still fit fine but my boobs are bigger so none of my fitted stuff fits anymore) and while I was at it I figured out how to work a nursing flap into the underdress. Now I can flip the apron dress down and open the flap and be able to rather discretely nurse at events. YAY! I was getting really sick of wearing my bog dress or a tunic because of the ease of access. Plus, I made a reverse-matching set for Chloe. She needs turtle brooches and swag now. Hee!

And that's that. Though I will say these two things right out in the open:

1) I know that although we have lovely laws protecting my right to nurse pretty much anywhere I want, but pumping is a bit different. It makes you feel much more exposed and you don't have the cover and excuse of a cute little baby to help with the issue. But some companies will make it easier for those moms who choose to continue breastfeeding even after they return to work. They set aside rooms with chairs and tables and such for pumping. Sometimes there are magazines. The one at my mom's office even has a window.

Know what I get? I get the "privilege" of a tiny disused conference room clear upstairs and on the opposite end of the building that's crammed with boxes of files leaning all over, old whiteboards blocking all of the outlets, two fake Christmas trees keeping the door from opening all the way, and what used to be the roof of a "house" used to display building materials. That last one is HUGE, even laying on it's side it is 10 feet long and 4 and a half feet tall with bristling bunches of nails sticking out the bottom. And wedged in the middle of all of this is a tiny table half covered in training materials with one chair. This is what happens when all of the nursing moms in a company are executives with their own offices.

This is no way to live, people.

2) An NPR pledge drive is a hell of a way to have to start the first Monday back to the office from a 10 week leave. That's just cruel.

How are you guys?

From: linaerys
2007-10-15 08:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!

And OMG, every nursing mother I know has such horror stories about their workplace's pumping rooms (where they have them at all). I mean, I get that some private space is better than nothing, but wow, some of the spots where y'all have to do this sound nasty.
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[User Picture]From: dawntreader90
2007-10-15 08:29 pm (UTC)
heh, you recall you had Chloe nearly at the same time as the woman in our office, and she is coming back soon too. she stopped in today (though I don't know why... maybe just to check in.) so i should warn you about our CrazyNosyOffice lady, in effort to spare you from your own CrazyNosyOffice lady who seems to be of the same ilk. here's what i overheard outside my office... note i couldn't hear the Mom, this is just the one-sided convo from CrazyNosyOfficeLady:

CNOL: well HELLO! there's the Momma! are you back!? oh you're not back YET are you? leaving your precious baby at home? doesn't she miss you?(yes, leaving no word in edgewise...)
MOM: ...
CNOL: how are you feeling? are you still sore? are you still nursing? (OMGWTF! what a QUESTION!?!! she doesn't know her *that* well!!! for the record, i wouldn't ask YOU those kinds of questions... JEEZ.)
MOM: ...
CNOL: ::coughing/hacking:: oh, i'm fine. i'm just sick today. i shouldn't have come in, i've been coughing all weekend. but i'm fine! i'm not contagious, i've been taking something all weekend for it. ha ha! ::coughing::
MOM: ...
CNOL: no really. it's my allergies. ::COUGHING:: and this cold, but it's not contagious.
MOM: ...
CNOL: so howcome you didn't bring the baby? you should have brought the baby. i'd love to see her! ::coughing::
MOM: ...
CNOL: do you have pictures?
MOM: ...
CNOL: no pictures?! WELL. i can't BELIEVE you don't have pictures with you! i have pictures of all my grandkids, in fact...
MOM: ...
CNOL: oh... well, next time, bring the baby! and i would love to see pictures! ::COUGHING COUGHING:: bye now!

just so's you know. don't bring Chloe to work amongst Teh Stupid. bring pictures in frames that you don't mind Teh Stupid People pawing at, and then bring Purell to clean the frames after (or throw the frames away.) you have been warned.

(and WHAT kind of question is "are you still sore!??! who ASKS that?)
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[User Picture]From: ebullientjenn
2007-10-15 09:13 pm (UTC)
Yay for running the race! It will be fun!
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