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I was right, switching my pacing up improved my performance… - Then You Get Up And Have Breakfast [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Whole lotta labia.

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[Nov. 15th, 2007|11:43 am]
Whole lotta labia.

I was right, switching my pacing up improved my performance immensely. Starting out slow with a more gradual ramp up decreased my 5K time by 3 full minutes. Today I'm going to start with a slow warm-up and then start the run on a seperate time rather than include my warm-up walk in my time and see if I can't drop it even more.

Eating is ok. Not great, but not bad. And the weight is down. Not astronomically, but down. And so we keep on and we're happy. I think part of the problem for me is that I'm required to eat so much. WW calculates everyone by starting with 2pts and then adding some for age, gender, height, etc. Unless you're a nursing mom.. in which case you start with 12 and then add for age, height, etc. My daily allowance is almost twice what it was before Chloe. And that is a real gotcha for me. It tends to be this big huge number so I just go "well ok, I should eat like a crazy person, because I've got oodles of points" and then I make bad decisions and they catch up with me. I'm not sure quite how to handle it. For now I'm writing stuff down, working with prepared foods, and trying to get a better sense of this. It'll be fine, I'm sure.

We did the mass-cooking thing and now we've got tons of servings of really good food piled up in the freezer. We also bought enough Lean Cuisines that it's hard to see where to put them all but it means good things for lunch planning as I just have to grab one, I like all the ones I bought, and the points are written on the side. Routine/safe breakfast and lunch choices leave me with some real wiggle room for dinner, which is great. That's what I'm trying to get to, an early morning snack, breakfast, and lunch of known and smallish quantities and then a dinner I don't have to be obnoxiously strict about.

Also, ST's taken up a hobby that has Tuesday night activities. I'm trading him for Wednesday nights or Thursday nights when I'd get to go back and start my pole classes again. They'd get me home early enough to put C to bed and I'd get all evening on Tuesdays to just hang out with her. We'll see how it goes.

In the mean time I've got a race this weekend that I'm quite looking forward to.

Remains adorable. She's making minor bilabial fricatives and so it looks like she's frothing at the mouth. She's putting on weight and growing and all that good stuff. Just this week she's started really focusing on toys and reaching a little for them. If I put the dragon in her hands she'll put it in her mouth.. now granted, she may just be trying to get her fist in her mouth and the dragon gets there first, but hey, I'll take it. Ellen says she's crossing the midline really well, great limb movement. She's really doing the airplane thing where she lays on her tummy and all four limbs get off the ground, she keeps trying to roll but it's not quite coming yet. Unless, of course, she's swaddled in her crib. She got herself over on to her face last night more than once. Of course, she rolled over because she was upset at being swaddled and so when she got onto her side or tummy she pitched a holy fit and we came in and flipped her back over.. but I'm sad to say this means the end of the blessed sleep of the parent of a swaddled child.

I'd been hoping we'd get to Christmas before this was an issue. No such luck. We'll start the unswaddling this weekend and see how it goes. I'm dreading it, of course, but I knew we'd end up here at some point.

Her other big adventure yesterday was rolling off the couch and onto the floor. We've got carpet, but it's the nice firm Berber stuff so she got a nice goose egg over her eyebrow and a bit of a scare but when I got home about 40 minutes after it happened she'd already eaten again, pooped again, and was smiling and giggling all evening. No ill effects except a few seconds of crying and scaring the crap out of both of her parents. I, of course, called the on-call nurse and said "Before I go tearing into the ER, tell me what might happen that would warrant tearing into the ER," and she laughed and gave me a list of stuff to look for and said to check for alertness every once in a while during the night. Baby's first bruise. Well, we always knew my kid would be a little rough and tumble and now we're proven right. Also, I didn't flip the fuck out so I'm pretty proud of myself.

That's all I've got for today. I'm tired, my neck hurts, but my day is on track and I'm actually being productive. How are you guys?

[User Picture]From: belthazar_b
2007-11-15 04:47 pm (UTC)
Hey Rhy, will we be seeing you this weekend?
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[User Picture]From: ebullientjenn
2007-11-15 07:50 pm (UTC)
We had a big boom on the head at about 5 months. It was scary because there was blood. We totally called the on call nurse. That's why they're there.

Hard not to flip out isn't it? I'm usually flipping out on the inside, and calm on the outside. This is why being a single parent would be way harder. No one to consult with.
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[User Picture]From: princesswidgeon
2007-11-16 03:22 am (UTC)

You big stinky mom.
I love you and I am mucho excited about seeing you in about...oh...two days?

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